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Gup Chup

A silent healer for your Pizza cravings

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Mr Oggy

The perfect combination of Chatpata Masala & Crunch

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Fish Fry

The perfect blend of the east and the west

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Manchurian Balls

For the Chinese food-lover in you!

Keep Your

Friends Close

and Your

Snacks Closer

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Penny Finger

Asli Chinese with capsicum ka twist

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The tanginess that you can’t resist!

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Your go-to packet of Jabbarjast flavours

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Tandoori Kabab

Rukna hai mushkil, after tasting these munchies!

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Penny Pasta

The pizza with spicy twistZ

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Chow Chow

Your less than 1 minute noodles

Be picky
about your
Tasty Treats!

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Noodles Snacks

When in doubt, noodle it out!


I’d rather

have a


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Tik Tok

Dil maange more, so stock up!