Meet The Team

  • Vikram Modi handles all operations concerning the production of snack products. He has a deep Knowledge of taste, spices, and blending in the food industry. He also is also responsible for taking care of smooth production, supply chain, plant & machinery, and manpower maintenance. He is also indulged in new R&D over existing and new products, blending, and new plant setup. His excellence in innovation in product, taste, and packaging makes in a stalwart of the industry.

    Vikram Modi
  • Vikash Modi is responsible for the expansion of distribution network, sales, and marketing to end customers. He also handles the process of brand and product expansion in Bihar, outside Bihar, and exports too. He is also engaged in the making of new dealers, distributors, retailers, and adding happy customers. The director of the company is also looking towards advertising and PR of brand.

    Vikash Modi